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What is HOCl?

HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid) is a chemical compound that already exists in our bodies. It is a substance the human body produces to kill germs, protect, and heal itself.

Pure HOCl as a Hand Sanitizer

Research indicates HOCl-based hand sanitizers have the potential to be as good or better than alcohol-based hand sanitizers in sanitizing human skin and hands.


HOCl kills 99.9% of many viruses, bacteria and fungi including, but not limited to:

And much more including meeting the CDC criteria for use against the Ebola virus!

What is the difference between unstable, stabilized, and stable HOCl?

Unstable HOCl is what the industry has been producing for a hundred years. This form of HOCl usually lasts less than 24 hours. This type of production is typically viable only for medical environments. Unstable HOCl needs to be handled and supervised by trained technical personnel in medical facilities after using expensive equipment that must be maintained regularly. For the public, unstable HOCl products are not recommended.

Stabilized HOCl requires certification from a government authority in most Western countries. These products have been proven to stay shelf-stable for a minimum of 18+ months. The product can be opened, used, put back on the shelf, and over a year later the product will still work as intended with the same efficacy as the day it was produced.

A company or product that states it meets the requirements for or is “FDA” cleared is not necessarily a company or product that has been tested or approved by a governing body. Unfortunately, many companies give misleading marketing claims that sound approved, but are not actually approved.  For the public, it is “buyer beware”.

Stable HOCl currently has no “legally” specified definition in the USA, Canada, or the EU. Many companies claim to be “stable” or even stabilized when they are not. This form of HOCl usually begins to lose its efficacy as quickly as 24 hours after the product is opened.  In some cases, it can last up to 30 days without treatment. Some companies sell treatment kits with their products to maintain the efficacy rate past 30 days. For the public, it is “buyer beware”.

Why Purchase HOCl Produced by a Manufacturer When You Can Do-It-Yourself?

All HOCl products are not equal. The ability of HOCl to kill germs on human skin is highly dependent on its pH, and the stability of its formulation. Many pharmaceutical companies have not developed a pure HOCl product because of the challenges encountered when attempting to create a stable commercial formulation. With an inexpensive, on-site, Do-It-Yourself HOCl generator, it is extremely difficult to control manufacturing parameters. Generating an efficacious and consistent HOCl product is quite rare, and only a few manufacturers around the globe are able to do it well. The best HOCl manufacturers have specific – and often proprietary – manufacturing procedures and ingredients which allow them to create a highly stable and optimum pH level. There are many cliches which have been created to justify the manufacturing of a premium product. In the HOCl world, “premium” is not a cliche, it is a necessity!